Toward Home

In the twelve years since an electromagnetic pulse destroyed the world’s power grid, most people have banded together for protection. Nikolaus and his son, Leo, are not most people. Following the dream of a better life, they hike the Appalachian trail south from New York.

Kade’s life hasn’t changed much since the bottom dropped out of the world. After his husband died, Kade holed up on their farm, ready to live out the rest of his life alone. A need to trade for supplies led to an uneasy partnership with the nearby settlement, but Kade prefers to avoid people whenever he can.

When Nikolaus and Leo are attacked by a black bear, Kade’s solitary nature is put to the test. Although attraction flares, years of solitude have left both men afraid of letting anyone in.

A chance encounter opens the door, but it will take more than a night of passion to lead them home.

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