Out of Focus

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For romance author Sam Wyatt, a photograph literally changed the course of his life. Leaving the small town in West Virginia where he grew up was the first step to becoming the person he wants to be… now to get out and experience all the things he never let himself.

Jaxton Shea has never taken the easy road. Out and proud in high school, he wasn’t exactly popular in his small West Virginia hometown. The best thing he ever did was escape that hick town and chase his dreams. Now an internationally famous model, he only has one dream left… to find someone to share his success with.

Coming face-to-face with Jaxton, the subject of the photo he’s been carrying in his pocket for almost half his life, at a party means Sam needs to decide whether he will embrace more change. Two men running from their pasts… all they need to do is keep what’s important in focus.

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